Harvesting genes to improve watermelons

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Watering is very important—from planting until fruit begins to form. While melon plants are growing, blooming, and setting fruit, they need 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged. Water at the vine's base in the morning, and try to avoid wetting the leaves and avoid overhead watering.

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» Watermelon for 100 people. Watermelon for 100 people. Message [Page 1 of 1] 1 Watermelon for 100 people Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:09 pm. Robin. Guest. How many watermelons (the big seedless kind) do I need for 100 people? I plan on cutting it into thin triangular wedges. 2 Watermelon for 100 people Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:11 pm.

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1 bushel will feed 10 people. The average 20 lb. watermelon yields about 53, 6-ounce wedges, each 3/4" thick.Assuming your slicing will not be consistent and your audience will average three.

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Based on the suggested total amount of one and a quarter pound of food per person, you would need 62.50 pounds of food for 50 guests. That's for everything; protein, veggies, side dishes, salad, bread and dessert. The same formula applies to 100 guests. Your buffet would need 125 pounds of food for 100 guests.

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Use a 33-0-0 fertilizer at the rate of ½ pound (227 g.) per every 50 feet (15 m.) of the watermelon row. Water the fertilizer in well. Fertilize again once the fruit has just emerged. You may also side dress the vines prior to running with a 34-0-0 food at the rate of 1 pound (454 g.) per 100 feet (30 m.) of row or calcium nitrate at 2 pounds.

Harvesting genes to improve watermelons

2. One pound of watermelon yields about 1 1/2 cups. Equally important is knowing how many cups of watermelon are inside if you were to cut the fruit up into chunks for salads or slushies. Know how many cups of cut fruit are equal to a pound of whole fruit and you can weigh your melon to buy just what you need.


Plant watermelons in full sun. Watermelons grow best in loose, well-drained, but moisture-retentive soil rich in organic matter. Add aged compost and aged manure or a commercial organic planting mix to the planting bed before planting. Turn the soil to 12 inches (30cm) deep. Watermelons prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.8.

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According to Watermelon.org, the average seedless watermelon yields up to 70% flesh, depending on the variety.If serving half-inch thick triangular wedges, a large, 20-pound watermelon can be cut into maybe 100 slices. Assuming guests consume only two slices of watermelon each, you can feed about 50 guests with a single melon.

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One pound of watermelon is roughly equal to three wedges, or a serving and a half. For every two pounds of watermelon, you can feed three people. So you need about 2/3 of a pound (or 11 ounces) of.

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For best results, amend the planting bed with plenty of aged compost —particularly if your soil is very compacted or comprised of heavy clay. To maximize fruit production, make sure your plants get one to two inches of water weekly. Watering via a drip irrigation system or soaker hose is ideal.

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Watermelon served alone for dessert, as for a BBQ or beach party, you want 1 pound whole per person.. For appetizers, it will serve about twice as many. Fruit purchased: Approximate Yield: 3-4 (3-4 lb.) pineapple: 160 triangular shape chunks: 2-3 (4 lb. total) cantaloupe: 100 chunks: 2 (2 lb. total) honeydew: 70 chunks:

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How many Watermelons to Feed 150? When estimating the number of watermelons needed to feed a group of 150 people, several factors should be taken into consideration. The size of the watermelon, the purpose for serving, and the accompanying dishes all play a role in determining the quantity needed.

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Mix sturdy fruits, such as apple slices, melon chunks and pineapple, together before filling the bowl. Sprinkle tender fruits, such as berries, on top so they aren't crushed. Skewers provide another, serving size option for the fruit tray. Thread the sliced fruit on the skewers and arrange it on the tray. References.

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Pounds of Watermelon per Person. According to the Watermelon Board, an average large watermelon weighs about 20 pounds, which is equal to about four small watermelons at five pounds each. Quarter and slice that 20-pound melon into 3/4-inch-thick wedges and you'll get about 66 wedges. So one pound of watermelon yields roughly three wedges.

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Crabs, whole, steamed, boiled in shell. 4-5 bushels, (medium crabs, app. 80-90 crabs per bushel; check with your local seafood market as this varies by region) 6-8 crabs per person, depending on how much other food is served. Fish, Fillets and steaks, fresh or frozen. 14-16 lbs uncooked. 3-4 ounces, cooked.

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The answer may surprise you - you can feed a crowd of 100 people with as few as five watermelons! Characteristic Value; Number of Watermelons: 100: Number of People: 100: Average Watermelon Size: Medium: Recommended Serving Size:. How many watermelons should be purchased for 100 people to be adequately supplied?

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